Custom weight loss diets

So, the question is what should be done to lose weight and stay?

With individualized diets for fast weight loss. Control weight is something that is achieved over time, if you lose weight quickly lost weight usually recover in a short time and often gain a few kilos more than lost.

This is so because despite having the best diet to lose weight is essential to change eating habits and those changes keep them for life.

The first step is to make a balanced diet to lose weight, it can be less calorie in order to lose weight, but it has to be balanced so as not to have health problems since it is a routine that we will do every day until we stop.

The best diets to lose weight and lose weight

There are many diets to lose weight, you must find the best one for you, the one that every week you start with desire and motivation, since many women start a diet believing that it is easy and then they abandon it.

There are some guidelines that help you lose weight and stay, without the need to diets to lose weight so sacrificed that in a short time they are abandoned. So in the end what is recommended is to make a healthy and healthy diet, which makes you feel more beautiful but at the same time more healthy.

Tips for ideal diet to lose weight and lose weight

et’s see some guidelines, to lose weight and stay in the weight thanks to the diets, with which we intend to answer your most common questions:

Avoid some foods: Gradually abandon all those foods that contain a lot of fat, sugar and that only provide calories but very few nutrients and vitamins.

Eat less and more often: Eating some snack throughout the day helps to have less appetite when making the main meals, so it’s good to have a snack at mid-morning (before lunch) and at mid-afternoon (before dinner). It can be a fruit, a low-fat yogurt, a low-calorie granola bar or dietary gelatin. In the main weight loss meals serve smaller portions.

Types of diets to lose weight

Make 5 meals a day:

It is important to make at least 5 meals throughout the day, that helps to have less appetite, burn calories better and lower anxiety. Remember that drinking lots of water is also an anus and will help you.

Eating well:

You have to eliminate fast food, eating more fruits and vegetables every day is important. Substitute white bread for wholemeal bread. Avoid sugary carbonated drinks by replacing them with water, fruit juices or skimmed milk. Sometimes it is not necessary to be eating vegetables all the time, but taking meat such as chicken or turkey is sufficient in addition to the fish that is necessary.

A good breakfast:

It is essential in this type of diets to lose weight to have a good breakfast with wholemeal bread, fruit juice, a piece of lean cheese, coffee or tea, it can be with a little skimmed milk. Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the one that will give the energy to start the day, so it must be complete and nutritious. A toast with oil and tomato can be a very good option but there are many more foods.

How to respond to those extra pounds with diets to lose weight fast

Make a balanced diet to lose weight works and is essential to reduce the pounds that are left over in our body. On many occasions we want to reduce weight and size in a short time, in a week or two weeks and then we need to be serious and strict with our healthy diets to lose weight.

When we want to make a fast diet it is very important to have a lot of information at our disposal and be serious and strict with what we are doing, it is not worth skipping the diet to lose weight thinking that nothing happens. For example, in the diet of the pineapple, the responsible consumption of calories and proteins is the basis for achieving weight loss.

Thanks to the constancy of the days, to follow a routine of exercises and of feeding we will always be able to get rid of those kilos others and we will manage to lose weight and remove that fat so annoying, but with effort.

It is essential to lose weight with health to look and feel good, change eating habits and life in general is possible and you must address these changes with positive attitudes and otherwise acquire these routines will be more complicated.

Supplement foods to lose weight with more things

You should also do more physical exercise that complements the diets to lose weight that you are doing, because although you do not believe it is much more effective if you do sports.

how to lose weight quickly

The constancy is essential to lose weight

Also some vitamin products and rich in substances essential for our body can benefit you, but remember that you should always consult your trusted doctor is the most effective, since each particular case is different and you have to customize the diets.

This time I want to propose a plan that will be to your liking. We propose some diets to lose weight with which you will obtain incredible results and that you can consult in the following links.


The Mediterranean diet is a good example of diets to lose weight fast

The Mediterranean diet has many followers around the world and since we are from Spain we want to tell you what it consists of:

It has few saturated fats

Olive oil is the basis of the diet

Does not exceed the amount of animal protein that can be taken

It is recommended to take antioxidants, which can be found in nuts, vegetables, legumes or fruits

Fiber is a food that you try to take in quantities

Some foods in this diet that are fast weight loss foods are:







And you do not have to take it always at lunch or at lunch, but at dinners to lose weight you can do it too.

Eat healthy foods, since your body in the day to day of your life will thank you.

Habits to complement healthy diets to lose weight

Everyone needs to have good habits and healthy habits home week.


We are going to tell you the most important ones:


Reduce the size of the portions: Eat everything but moderately, use a smaller dish on very hungry days is a good trick when it comes to follow any type of diets to lose weight.

Stop eating when you are satisfied: Many people eat not because they really hungry but out of habit, boredom, loneliness, stress and continue to eat despite feeling satisfied. It is important to pay attention when you are eating and stop when you feel full.

Eat more slowly: The brain takes 20 minutes to realize how much food is in the stomach, it often pause before returning to ingest makes more food is not ingested that the body you need, which if we eat fast we will not notice. It is a long process that is assimilated over the years because it is a habit.

Avoid passing diets: They are the number one enemies to lose weight and stay. A diet in spite of being low in calories must have a nutritional balance to be ideal for your body, only that way it works and you will be happy with it.

Taste: It is useless to diet to lose weight fast and feel anxious or anxious with a desire to drink something and not being able to do it, or to do so with guilt. Banning food is not a good tactic. It is best to take healthy foods for most of the time and give yourself the tastes of those who have the most calories. Of course, eat moderately and return to healthy food again.

Tips and tricks to make a balanced diet to lose weight

Now we want to give you some tips that are simple to follow and that almost everyone knows but will improve the health of your body.


Have a varied diet. It’s worthless to eat only a few foods. This can cause lack of some kind of nutrients, so you should eat a bit of everything.

Do not abuse fat or carbohydrates.

Do not consume alcohol or tobacco.

Fiber, vegetables and fish are very good foods for any type of balanced diet to lose weight.

Do not take too much salt because it can lead to hypertension or heart disease.

There are plenty of tips or tips that can help us to burn those deposits of fat that have been installed in different areas of our figure and that prevent us from being in good shape. Among them, perform a routine where aerobic exercises are added that make the heart work. With this we will achieve an important caloric expenditure, being able to be implemented through hiking, swimming, cycling or simply running and at least 45 minutes a day.


Breathing in a diet to lose weight is extremely important for the proper performance of any exercise routine since inhalation through the nose and exhalation through the mouth while performing physical exercise is achieved a stabilization of the heart rate also increasing resistance. All this helps so that you can do physical activity for a longer period of time and burn more fat.


Whenever resistance exercises are carried out with weight, the burning of fats is favored, whether they are abdominal, push-ups or squats. The addition of a little weight favors the burning of calories and therefore of localized adiposities.


It is also important to pay attention to the diet and not only to make a balanced diet to lose weight and low calories, but to respect the making of 5 daily meals that will be done with 3-hour intervals between each meal. However, this should not be translated as the intake of more calories but divide the daily menu into a larger number of meals.


The intake of proteins replacing most daily carbohydrates also serves to make a greater expenditure of energy since carbohydrates and fats are digested faster while digesting proteins always requires a greater energy expenditure.


Within the diet it is also important to avoid foods such as white bread, and rice as well as pasta and all those foods prepared with white flour.


To replace them opt for breads and whole grains, legumes and vegetables that also provide a good amount of fiber. Between meals always choose simple foods such as apple, pear, carrot and some infusion, such as red tea that significantly accelerates the burning of fat and has a mild diuretic effect.


Also avoid all those sugary drinks and those that contain alcohol that provide calories and no nutrients.


Finally, an appropriate rest is essential, since the body when it is tired performs all its functions more slowly and stores calories instead of burning them.

Recommended meals to lose weight fast

Those who want to stay in shape usually perform a special diet including low-fat foods and therefore pay special attention to the labels of the products they buy for the daily menu.

There are thus foods that have a label that says 0% fat, something that helps to make light weight lighter meals avoiding heavy digestions especially at dinner, although they can be used to consume in the main meal or mid-morning and that provide the necessary energy through fat-free calories.

Also, a variety of foods that also say 0% but that can refer to other components such as sugar, calories and in some cases do not refer to these but to have a very small value of them that will not contribute kilos of more to the figure.

For example, they can refer to 0% when it comes to 5 calories per serving or also that they are sodium, trans fat or sugar free foods.

There are also carbohydrate-free foods used mainly to carry out a diet to lose weight, as in the case of meats of natural origin that do not contain carbohydrates.

But if these meats are transformed into foods like sausages and have been treated with sugar, salt and seasonings will contain small amounts of carbohydrates that obviously will appear on the labels.

The foods then, which in their natural state contain zero carbohydrates such as beef, pork, chicken, fish such as trout and sole, eggs and more exotic meats such as venison, can be included in a diet for lose weight but always in a moderate way.

Vegetable foods such as fruits and vegetables contain carbohydrates in some cases with low levels and others quite high, while milk has simple sugars and fatty cheeses contain carbohydrates despite the majority at low levels.

Most of the condiments contain carbohydrates as well as the dressings and mayonnaise since in their preparation vinegar is added and in some cases herbs


As sugar substitutes, sucralose, stevia, and saccharin can be used sparingly and despite being considered to be very low in carbohydrates, sweeteners can in some cases affect insulin as it does when consuming sugar.

There are soft drinks that are exhibited as zero carbohydrates, however, they are sweetened with artificial sweeteners, which may have the same warnings as those for sweeteners in general.

Exercise as part of the diet to lose weight

Perform physical activity: There are many ways to get moving and lose weight fast by exercising, it is not necessary to go to a gym or play a sport if it is not what you really want. Walking, swimming, rowing, hiking, cycling and many other activities such as aquafitness, step, fitball, etc. they are fun and thanks to them they lose weight progressively they are complementary activities to the diets to lose weight that exist. The key is to try until you find one that is pleasant to do and adapts to the personality of each one.

Develop the muscles: When working muscles with training burn more fat. For those who like to exercise, it is advisable to add resistance routines. The body is toned, the figure is stylized and fat is lost. It is not necessary to be a work with weights can be exercises with bands of resistance, push-ups, Pilates.

Write a diary: Keep a diary of everything you eat, quantities and the time of day. This is very useful when it comes to dieting to lose weight because later it helps to identify not very healthy habits and emotions that you feel when you eat too much.

Avoid devouring anger or boredom: When you are in this situation is important to distract the mind with something else, a walk, go to the gym, ultimately get moving.

You will lose weight with these diets to lose weight

We propose these diets to lose weight, you are the one that you must decide which to follow:


Protein diet

Diet alco

The Cormillot Diet

The well-known Mediterranean Diet

Bland diet

A balanced diet

Dissociated diet

Dukan Diet

Do not forget to do sports as a complement to your balanced diet to lose weight

In addition to eating a healthy diet with good nutrition based on fruit and vegetables there are more complementary ways that you can help your body to lose weight.


Sport is undoubtedly one of the best tips we can offer you and we want to share with all our readers. Much better than magical weight loss meals.


The benefits of doing sports are many, among them we can highlight the following:


Toning your muscles

Keep your body in shape

It is an anti-aging treatment

Eat calories

You do not have to do so many diets to lose weight

With sport increases in good health, increases the resistance of your body and helps us to be more motivated and happy because our body secretes a substance that brings us happiness when we are doing a physical activity.

We hope that with these fast weight loss diets of 2018 you have more options to lose that weight that you have left over. If you have any questions or need more information you can contact us through social networks or as you can see there is our contact form on our website.